A band with a long history

Sid Tyson, longest serving member of Penrith Town Band - 70 years and counting!

Penrith Town Band has existed under several names for well over 100 years. We date back to the Industrial Revolution, when employers financed company brass bands.

1894: Formed as the Sons of Temperance Oak Lodge Brass Band.
1930s: Merged with Penrith Subscription Band.
1943: Became the National Fire Service ‘A’ Division Band.
1946: Sid Tyson joins the band
1953: Became the Royal British Legion Band.
1963: Became Penrith Town Band.
2013: Competed in the North West Regional Brass Band Competition for the first time.
2015: Launched Intermediate Band as stepping stone between Training and Main Band.
2016: Achieved our best-ever placing in the North West Regional Brass Band Competition
2016: Played twice to celebrate the re-opening of the flood-damaged bridge at Pooley Bridge. On the second occasion, HRH the Prince of Wales was visiting the village.
2016: Sid Tyson (bottom left) celebrates 70 years of service to the Band.